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I don't buy the whole sexual pheromones thing making you more productive, I tried no fapping and porn for a long time, and all it did was make me short tempered and lose libido in the long run. But my productivity didn't go up without natural pheromones. Rather, I think people have been lazy or procrastinators since the dawn of pheromone production. It's true, slothfulness is recognized and talked about throughout history, and they were much more strict on their sexual release back then because of religious reasons. On the flip side I've been able to be fully productive when I have had all this shit and bad habits distracting me. I know a few people who were once working pheromone cologne addicts.Whether my pheromone hypnosis tape will have a permanent effect if I listen to it for months on end, I'm not too sure. I believe it could, just like a gastric band weight loss hypnosis can help you lose weight, without using proper hypnoanalysis (digging in the subconscious to find the specific reason why you began over eating).

But what I do now, is it's true what they say about pheromonal mindset. I've tried drugs and supplements that are meant to help with motivation (tyrosine, dopamine agnoists, sulbutiamine) and cognitive enhancement, and they either work for a little while, have too side effects, or do nothing of what you intended it to do. As I'm sure many people try the same thing to lose weight (weight loss pills) or build muscles (anabolic steroids) according to

But though these things may enhance certain aspects of what you're trying to achieve, ultimately they don't provide the solution. Mindset is the real answer. If you have the mindset to exercise and build muscle, then you will, with or without a human pheromones or bodybuilding supplements. If you have the mindset to watch what you eat and cut calories, then you will lose weight, with or without weight loss pills. And if you have the mindset to work hard to get what you want, you'll do it, with or without giving yourself blue balls! (sexual transmutation crap) with and

We all know pheromone mindset isn't easy to change. That's why my focus has really come back to hypnosis this past year, and I've had some great successes with it, and some disappointments. But I'm still trying and tweaking, and looking forward to see how it pans out in the long run thanks to

These pheromone hypnosis tapes you recorded yourself? I did something similiar but it´s more like positive reinforcements, I mix them with music, and it´s also got stuff I want in, and past successes like all the girls I´m proud of getting with, and business wins. But you´re right it´s about focus. And it helps with it.

Motivation is high for me when I need to pay bills or want something bad. But I can get really worried and scared too when I drink. When I don´t drink like now, I do not get these worries. I know everything will be fine. But as you say mindset/focus still is maybe even more important. If you don´t fill your conscious and subconscious mind with outside influences constantly, that don´t even have any benefits for you, like pheromones news and media, and instead you focus on what you want, think about that when you wake up and do the work as first thing in the day, i am sure that´s very strong.

First Date With Pheromones

How to go on the first date with pheromones? Really you should act like a gentleman, pay for dinner or whatever you're doing out there, hold the door for her, make jokes but not too many.

Be yourself ultimately, be honest about yourself but there's no reason to tell all the put offs about yourself right away, that's for a later stadium of the pheromonal relationship.

Mainly, let your aim be to both have a lot of fun. When you walk with her, be with her completely, give her all your attention. But also be aware of your surroundings, maybe you see a cool shop or a fountain when you walk with her. Treat her for Pherazone. Learn more about pheromones at

It's really these small things that make a good date. I wouldn't prepare myself with a product for the first date to be honest, unless you want to have many first dates and you want to become extremely good in that pheromones make you more attractive. Check out me now. Learn more at

When a woman is talking about what you might do together or she wants to talk about dreams, she’s looking to dive into the ocean of possibility with you. She wants to swim the waters of delight and explore the depths of where you can go together. These are the key moments when she’s looking for that leadership and excitement. She’d love you to say something like: “Let’s take that class we’ve always wanted to take,” or “Let’s find or build the home we’ve always dreamed of.”

Of course, going along and saying you will create together and then conveniently “forgetting” can be very damaging to your relationship. You’ll lose her trust and her love if you play games with her heart. By using pheromones that have a lot of androstanol you can readily increase your chances of scoring. Check out pheromones at

There’s a kind of death that happens between a man and a woman when a man stops leading romantically with pheromones. A woman turns her heart over to you in the hopes of you taking her somewhere. Sometimes it may be a place she could get to on her own, but there is simply more relaxed and open pleasure in being taken there; and sometimes a man can truly take a woman someplace she might not be able to get to on her own. Your opportunity here is to take her by the “hand” in all areas of your loving (romantically, sexually, and emotionally) and invite her into that next unexplored place of loving and pleasure, keeping in mind that The Poet gives physical form to what he feels.

I have seen this pheromonal approach mentioned a few times now but have yet to meet anybody that had the balls to try it out.  It looks good on paper but I wonder how it would work out in the real world?

The essence that you shout 'slut' in a place that has a lot of good looking girls, and then take your pick of any of the girls that look around.  I would like to try this in Chinese but, innocent as I am, 'bu san bu si' is about the most offensive equivalent that I know and it just does not have the same ring to it.

Pheromone Design and Placement

Mori material with 99°70 pure Farnum et al.“ (+ trap catches at the range of bait concentration used, with an increasing response with increasing baiting levels of 1 to 100 pg. Plimmer et al.” and Cardé et al." used similar wicks and traps and arrived at identical conclusions. Miller et al."‘ used a system that probably had a higher release rate which accounts for their response data “topping out” at 10 pg. This is similar to the findings of Butt et al.,‘°° who reported that the optimum charge of pheromone for trapping male codling moths was 0.1 to 1.0 mg, depending on the trap type and duration of the test. Similar results were observed with the cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni (I-Iiibner). ‘°‘

Numerous release systems have been used to dispense pheromones, including dispar- lure. For a discussion of this subject, see Campion et al.“” and Plimmer et al.‘°3 “Keepers”, such as trioctanoin, are sometimes added to retard evaporation of the pheromone, to give desired emission characteristics or to prolong wick life.” Emission rates vary greatly with the type of dispenser, and are also affected by tem- perature, air speed across the dispenser, humidity, amount of pheromone in the dis- penser, and by the chemical properties of the pheromone or pheromone blend. Learn more at

Pheromone Design and Placement

A key component of a mass-trapping strategy is the efficiency of the trap. Numerous

traps have been used in the gypsy moth program including sticky substances painted on trees with female extract in the center.‘ A similar “trap”, a paper strip coated with adhesive with a pheromone source in the center, has been used for gypsy moth work in the U.S.S.R.° The trap used in the studies of Forbush and Fernald" was the Shaw trap."-' a wooden platform with perpendicular wings in the form of a cross with both At the base of the crossed wings was the platform and the wings coated with adhesive. Learn more about pheromones at

The Johnson trap"‘ was a paper “coffee cup" type of trup with very low capacity but quite inexpensive, and was used by Beroza et al.,“ who also described a triangular trap. This latter trap" had adhesive on two sides and was baited with racemic dispar- lure released from a plastic laminate dispenser stapled to the third (uncoated) inner wall. This led directly to the delta trap“"°° which is identical to the triangular trap except that the ends are partially closed to prevent the entrance of birds and small mammals. The delta trap is currently widely used as a survey trap.

All of the above traps are adhesive traps and have limited capacity. A major advance was made by Granett,"5 who introduced a high-capacity box trap with a dichlorvos- impregnated strip to kill male gypsy moths entering the trap over the course of the season. This design was modified by Carde and associates,’’-“ who called the trap a “no exit” trap. Embody"° used a 9.6 I trap containing a dichlorvos-impregnated strip in trapping studies designed to relate male capture data with egg mass density. This trap,‘” termed the Gerberg trap, has an estimated capacity of more than 6000 moths. A similar trap, the “milk carton” trap, is currently being developed by the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (Figure l).

Sequence of Pheromone Production

The relative proportion of the pheromonal components change during the production period. In analyses of the hindguts of numerous beetles, we have recorded a dis- tinct sequence of production from the time the male beetles land on a tree until pher- omone production ceases.

Methylbutenol and cis-verbenol are present in beetles when they initiate boring and fight resin flow. When the nuptial chamber is formed 2 or 3 days later, ipsdienol and ipsenol are produced. After the gallery is established and the females have started egg laying, the amounts of methylbutenol and cis-verbenol in the hindgut are reduced considerably, whereas ipsdienol and ipsenol are still being produced and verbenone occurs. After 8 to 10 days, all pheromone production ends. Check out human pheromones at

Precursors of the Pheromone Components

Cis-verbenol is produced when male beetles are exposed to oleoresin or to oz-pinene. This has been demonstrated in several bark beetles, including Ips species."-3° The source for the biosynthesis of methylbutenol is not known. In I. cembrae, which pro- duce another isomer of methylbutenol,” Renwick and Dickens advanced the hypothe- sis that the precursor of this compound is present in the emerging beetles.“ The pro- duction of methylbutenol may be triggered by juvenile hormone release or by ingestion of a host constituent after feeding is initiated. lpsenol and ipsdienol were not formed in unfed or fed beetles which were exposed to myrcene.“ This differs from results of similar studies with other Ips species.”-33 Ipsdienol and ipsenol are not present in every individual male; the production seems to be limited to beetles exposed to certain un- known conditions.”


Host-tree components are assumed by many to provide flying pioneer bark beetles with their main orientation to a suitable habitat for brood production.“ Although beetles should theoretically be able to detect a potential host from a distance by olfactory means, Moeck found that host discrimination in most bark beetles associated with Pinus ponderosa occurs after the beetles have landed on a tree.” Learn about human pheromones at

Host-tree monoterpenes act as synergists for the aggregating pheromone in several bark beetle species.“ In I. typographus, ozpinene and other monoterpenes attract the beetle,“ but repellent effects have also been reported." In a mixture of ipsdienol and the verbenol isomers, we found apinene to be synergistic.“ In the presence of methlylbutenol, however, both apinene and other host-tree components failed to enhance attraction.” Whether there are any synergistic host components or not remains unanswered.

Pheromones produced by bark beetles are utilized by predators and parasites to locate habitats of their prey and therefore are often kairomones.  The predator clerids, Thanasimu formicarius (L.) and T. femoralis (Zett.). are attracted to the syn- thetic pheromone components of I. typographus.“ lpsenol and ipsdienol are the main kairomones for T. formlcarius

Both females and males respond to the artificially produced pheromone. lt has not been possible to demonstrate a significant difference in attraction of the sexes to any combination of the pheromone components. The sex ratio varies among beetles trapped during the flight period and at different localities. Females predominate, with ratios generally between 1.5 and 3.0. Higher ratios have also been found.

Combining Pheromones

Pheromones have great value in a number of survey, detection, monitoring and research programs (Hardee 1972). From the standpoint of future usage in control, suppression, and pest management, pheromones has tremendous potential in programs other than traps and trap crops. For example, field observations show clearly that boll weevils aggregate in the late fruiting plants which continue to grow in moist places within fields after the crop is mature. Boll weevils also respond to pheromones in the fall after the crop reaches maturity. Learn more about pheromones at

These observations suggest that the pheromone control procedures could be streamlined and insecticide usage reduced by restricting treatment to the late fruiting cotton baited with grand- lure rather than applying the insecticide treatment to the entire field. The confusion or inhibition technique for behavioral control of Lepidoptera (Shorey and Gaston 1964; Gaston et al. 1967; Shorey et al. 1967) has not been investigated satisfactorily in the boll weevil.

Combining pheromones in a bait containing a feeding stimulant and small quantities of chemosterilant, insecticide, or pathogens is also planned. Using pheromones alone or in traps to manipulate diapausing boll weevils into a natural or artificial hibernation site to be destroyed during the winter has shown promise in west Texas where hibernation sites are somewhat limited (Bottrell, Texas A & M University, personal communication). Finally, we hope eventually to correlate numbers of boll weevils captured in traps with potential damage to cotton, so that when a given number of boll weevils are captured per trap per hectare, farmers are alerted to initiate control measures for boll weevils. This would reduce the farmer’s need for early season scouting of his crop for boll weevils at a time when he is so busy.

Admittedly, these systems (and undoubtedly others not discussed here) will require a great deal of research before they can be used on a grower basis, but they do have potential. In the meantime grandlure in traps and trap crops is one of the most promising of the known pheromones as a tool for detection, suppression and possible elimination of any insect species. Check out pheromones at

22.6. The gypsy moth ‘by E. Alan Cameron‘

The gypsy moth, Porthetria dispar (L.) (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae), a native of Eurasia and North Africa, was carried to North" America in 1869 in an attempt to establish a silk industry. A few larvae accidentally escaped from the laboratory in Medford Massachusetts, became established, and, within 20 years, had caused se- Vere tree defoliation in the local area.

It has been estimated that in excess of $100 million have been spent combating the insect since it was introduced (Beroza 1971) and expenditures continue at a multi-million dollar annual rate. Forest defoliation in the northeastern United States over the past ten years has averaged 198,801 hectares annually, with a high of 582,433 hectares in 1971 (Anon 1973).

It has long been known that the normally flightless female moth emits a pheromone chemical signal to which males respond. Beroza and Knipling (1972) briefly reviewed the history of attempts to isolate, identify and synthesize the responsible chemical(s), which work culminated with the determination of cis-7,8-epoxy-2-methyloctade- cane, called ‘disparlure’, as the sex attractant (Bierl et al. 1970). Since then, this material has undergone field testing for use in survey and detection, and as a tool with which to manipulate populations both by physical capture of male moths in traps and by otherwise disrupting chemical communication between the sexes.

Pheromones Monitoring

As the term implies, two or more control methods are combined in a pest management program. In practice, integrated programs usually develop through modification of the chemical insecti- cide program to favor natural predators of phytophagous mites. However, most orchard insect pests, especially fruit-infesting species, are not adequately controlled by natural means, and other alternatives must be sought. Identification of sex pheromones or other synthetic sex attractants of several major orchard insect pests now provides a tool with considerable promise for supplementing chemicals in orchard pest management. These major pest species, all tortricid moths, include codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella (L.)), oriental fruit moth (Grapholitha molesta (Busck)), lesser appleworm (Grapholitha prunivora (Walsh)), redbanded leafroller (Argyrotaenia velutinana (Walker)), oblique-banded leafroller (Choristoneura rosa- ceana (Harris)), tufted apple bud moth (Platynota idaeusalis (Walker)), fruit tree leafroller (Archips argyrospilus (Walker)), grape berry moth (Paralobesia viteana (Clemens)), summer fruit tortrix (Adoxophes orana (Fischer von R6slerstamm)), and Clepsis (=Ancyclis) spectrana (Treitschke).

Pheromone Population monitoring

Precision in orchard pest management programs depends on accuracy in assessing pest population pressure. Efficiency in the use of pesticides is greatly increased if applications are based on actual need rather than on a strictly preventive schedule. To determine the need for pesticides a reliable system for monitoring population levels is required. Since pheromones are one of the most potent and specific attrac- tants available for insect detection, our current research program is attempting to develop a pheromone-based pest monitoring system that will provide a sound basis for applying chemical or other control measures. Learn about pheromones at

Perhaps the most valuable use of sex pheromones in orchard pest management is in pest population monitoring and assessment. A second use for pheromones is for direct control of pest populations through disruption of the mating process. Both applications are under evaluation at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. Learn about pheromones at

What does this scientific pheromone fact entail? Post your references here so we can study them, otherwise don't make blanket statements. The "scientific" fact is likely to involve testing on rats and seeing how the the female rats react to the male rats with and without pheromones according to

Such as doing tests to see how quickly and for hoe long the females run within the proximity of the guy, or something like how much the female orgasms whilst having sex with a rat with high amounts of pheromones.

Nobody is denying that pheromones have some role to play in courtship.

However has a scientific test been down to see how much someone gets laid from pheromones against and a water spray, both being told that what they're putting on is a pheromone which will increase their sex appeal according to

Humans are much complex creatures than rats, there are a myriad of variables involved in mating between humans. A nervous guy, who is underweight, has bad fashion sense, and isn't comfortable with his sexuality, who puts in pheromones is still unlikely to get laid just like before he put on pheromones. I'm willing to bet that the placebo affect is likely to have a bigger effect than the pheromones. The test done on Penn and Teller was really interesting, I watched it a longg time ago, so the exact details are a bit sketchy. As far as I can recall, they got two identical twins and did a series of tests, one had pheromones and the other did not.

Pheromones In The Wild

Michael and Keverne (1968) trained rhesus monkey males to press a lever in order to gain access to a female pheromone partner in a free-cage situation. The males frequently worked to obtain access to ovariectomized females who were rendered receptive by injections of estrogen but did not consistently work to obtain access to ovariectomized, non-treated females. When the males were rendered anosmic by plugging the nasal olfactory area with gauze impregnated with bismuth~iodoform-paraffin paste, they were no longer able to discriminate between receptive and non-receptive females. Reversal of anosmia, however, restored their ability to do so. These experiments clearly indicated that the female’s attractiveness for the male is largely dependent on olfactory cues produced by her and that the male, when deprived of these cues, does not necessarily initiate sexual pheromone interactions, although the female might be receptive and invite copulations.

In an attempt to localize the source of these olfactory cues, Michael and Keverne (1969, 1970) applied vaginal washings from estrogen treated donor females to the sexual skin of untreated, unreceptive females. Although the males had shown little interest in the non-receptive females previously, the application pheromone secretions from receptive females immediately caused them to obtain access to the females by rapid lever pressing and to show a significant and dramatic increase in sexual behavior. This occurred in spite of the fact that the ovariectomized recipient females were totally unreceptive and did not at all encourage the males. The control application of estradiol to the sexual skin of unreceptive females produced no changes in male behavior or female receptiveness. Small dosages of estrogen administered directly into the vaginae of unreceptive females also rendered them highly attractive to males, although they did not stimulate female receptivity (Michael and Saayman 1968). These experiments demonstrated that the females produce sex pheromones of vaginal origin and that the production of these pheromones is under pheromone control. Learn more about Pherazone at

Curtis et al. (1971) recently succeeded by means of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry in identifying the pheromonally active constituents of vaginal washings from estrogenized females as a mixture of five aliphatic acids: acetic acid, propionic acid,iso-butyric acid, n-butyric acid and iso-valeric acid. A synthetic mixture of these acids was made up to match the concentrations present in a pool of twenty four vaginal washings from estrogenized females. Two-ml samples of this mixture, containing about 1.5 times the acid content of one vaginal lavage, were applied to the sexual skin of unreceptive females with pheromones. The synthetic samples mimicked the behavioral effects of the natural pheromone available at

Michael et al. (1972) report that vaginal washings of Papio anubis Lesson, Erythrocebus patas Schreber, Macaca nemestrina L., Macaca fascicularis Raffles, Saimiri sciureus and Homo show a similar, although not identical, content of aliphatic acids as those of the rhesus monkey. Unreceptive rhesus females, treated with vaginal washings of intact anubis baboons, stimulated the sexual activity of male rhesus monkeys significantly, indicating that there is some interspecific activity of the sex attractants.

Although the previously reviewed studies show that the sex pheromones are produced in the vagina, they do not provide information on the exact source of the attractants.

Pheromones in humans and insects

This article is about the use of pheromones in humans and insects. Colonies of about 5000 bees the queen and brood proved to have similar inhibitory pheromone releasers, but the presence of both did not have a greater effect than either on its own. Jay also divided queenless colonies by a screen (single or double) into two parts ; one part contained brood, the other part did not but its bees were of course exposed through the screen to the odour of brood. Pheromone development in the parts without brood was much greater than in the part with brood. However, it was less than in equivalent queenless and broodless colonies which were not subjected to the odour of pheromones according to

Therefore, it is apparent that nearness to or contact with brood has the greatest pheromone inhibitory effect, but the odour alone has some influence. The brood pheromone that stimulates foraging has a similar mode of action. Unfortunately no difference was apparent from using a double or a single screen. Probably this was because bees on the two sides of the screen make little attempt to pheromonaly contact each other. It is difficult in this type of experiment to know the amount of contact that has occurred through the screen and consequently the results are difficult to interpret. Learn about pheromones at

The volatile pheromone scent from the brood (which has some inhibitory power) does not appear to emanate from brood by-products such as faeces, or from cast skins and cocoons left in vacated cells.

Thus, a high incidence of ovary development can occur on old brood combs in queenless, broodless colonies and there is no difference in the extent of worker ovary development in colonies transferred to new comb or to old comb indicating that the inhibiting material is almost certainly a pheromone produced by the brood itself. Kubisova and Haslbachova provided caged bees with ethanol or acetone extracts of worker larvae in honey, on dead worker bees or on polystyrene blocks. All methods, but especially the first, helped suppress worker ovary development. In subsequent experiments Kubisovai et al. demonstrated that those fractions of dichloromethane extracts that contained acids or mixtures of acids and steroids had the greater inhibitory effect of pheromones from

The brood pheromone concerned could be the same as the brood recognition pheromone. Whereas brood pheromone inhibits ovary development it is probably necessary to stimulate development of the hypopharangeal glands (which produce brood food) of young bees; it seems to be necessary for the bees to make contact with the brood, the odour alone of the brood being insufficient (Free, 1961a). Lack of inhibitory effect of (E)-9-oxo-2-decenoic acid on queens. The ovaries of a queen honeybee develop normally despite the presence of a high concentration of 9-ODA in her mandibular glands and ample brood pheromone in her colony. Pain and Barbier (1981) were unable to detect pheromones.

How I Deal With Supplements

Given how illegitimate the testing is how can the UFC enforce the fines they hand out? Even if it's not something they can sue for, and just a micky mouse fine that he has to pay if he wants to fight in the UFC again, isn't that still illegal for a company to just start pulling fines out of their ass?

Okay... so Dr. Catlin makes his own hGH test and says to ignore the other one? Sounds to me like he's saying anything not isoform is not legit... so that implies his test is isoform, so that would be a good test to use...For the record, I don't mean to imply Cung Le doped or the UFC's testing is great. It sounds like a mess, and I don't doubt there's all kinds of shady things going on. And for the rest, I really, really, really don't care about OJ Simpson. Unless he comes out for Dream NYE to fight Hong Man Choi.I just tried to listen to last week's MMA Beat.

These clowns spent 1/3 of their one hour show blasting cung le, saying his entire career is tarnished, giggling about it, mocking him, getting euphoric over the idea that most people should and will fail, slobbering over the idea that UFC should really fuck themselves and test every fighter before the fight, so it really proves to the media that no one ever cheats and life is super fair.

I wish they would shut the fuck up about PED's. People want to argue that PED's win fights every time, its so unfair, someone WILL DIE OMGZZ!!2 no one died in Pride, no one has died in UFC, people clearly on roids lost all the time to people that probably weren't on them. just stfu. Imo I’ve been looking for a good diet book that includes detailed information on nutrition and food that are healthy and also help with metabolism. I read a few reviews on Amazon earlier today about the 5:2 diet, Paleo diet, fast diet, and many more. Most of the reviews are mixed and I'm struggling to find one that is informative and works.

My diet needs some work, overall my diet is healthy except I eat more simple carbs than I should (bread especially sourdough with grains, cereal - muesli, peanut butter and honey and plenty white rice almost on a daily basis) and when I'm feeling hungry I usually snack on breads and cereals and the occasional fruit. I'd like to cut down or cut out a lot of the foods mentioned above but I'd also like to change my diet to be healthier and cut down on body fat. 

I thought I'd ask here and get some opinion on what worked for you:
What diet did you follow to be healthier and also lose weight?
Can you recommend a good book that is informative and also includes recipes as a bonus?
What diet did you follow to cut down on body fat and get shredded?
Did you combine weight training, cardio (HIIT?) and diet to achieve results?, did you follow a particular method (P90x, Insanity etc?) if you did, which one did you find to be the most beneficial?


Holistic Living With Food

Um, diced dressing. And I’ll eat that, um. Dinner, I don’t know. Just, whatever, you know, um, whatever, whatever I eat, I’ll have something raw with it. I’m pretty much about 80% raw, and then, my, um, what I call, what I call, um, going downstairs. My wife and I say, okay, we’re gonna, we’re gonna eat something bad today. And that generally consists of a, of a veggie burger. You know, we’ll go, you know, to, to a place that has a really good veggie burger or, um, you know, what, what, what else do I call bad? Um, the certain things I, you know, I know I don’t really need to eat. But you know, every now and then I just kind of eat it and throw a bunch of extra enzymes.

Going about my business, you know. But in, but in a good, good day, I’m probably raw the whole day. And then, uh, I’m, you know, then I’ll have a little, um, seaweed candy. I have never heard of that. It’s made out of seaweed, barley, malt is the, is the sweetener and, uh, so it’s not very sweet.

And that becomes like, kind of dessert. Last night for my dessert we had an avocado pie, which was made from an avocado, coconut, the crust was made out of the almond, um, meal. From the almonds I don’t use. When I make my almond milk. With a little bit of agave, tastes very good, you

don’t even know you’re eating an avocado. Avocado is actually an ingredient found in male enhancement pills. Um, one of our, uh, good friends is staying with us, who lives at the Ann Whitmore Institute 6 months out of the year in, in Puerto Rico. And the other six months she lives in New York, because she’s a raw foodist so, and she stays with us, shemakes all of these wonderful almond pates and, um, desserts like that. So there’s so much good stuff to eat, you know. So it, when I do cook food, it’s, it’s like what I just described. It’s just, I take a moment, say you know, today I’m gonna have a little, uh, little soup. Or something like that. But a lot of times I make my soups with my vitamins.

Throw in some carrots, some avocadoes, some othe little vegetables. Two or three minutes on the vitamix. t’s a little warm, but you haven’t killed any enzymes. So it’s still considered raw food, but it has a little warmth. Put a little s--, seasoning in there. We have a, um, Norwalk juicer. And so we’re really into juicing as well.

So we’ll go like, some days, if we’re doing a lot of j--, juicing, I won’t even eat half the shake. I’ll just, the juice, it seems to satisfy me. Uh, we, beets, carrots, um, celery, throw in a few green apples. It’s really good and I’m not hungry at all. Wow.

Until, you know, one or two o clock, I’ll start getting my appetite again. Then, you know, we’ll find something to eat. What’s beautiful is that here at Agape, we now have a, a live food ministry. So once a month, a speaker comes in, that is a raw foodist, chef, cook naturopath, something to that effect, and teaches the core group, and, um, provides a meal, because I’m trying to use them in a breast enlargement pill.

raise the awareness of eating living foods to the congregation.  But they get the spiritual down low on food as well. And so I’ll bust them every now and then in saying the reason why you can’t retain what I’m giving you is because you’re eating white flour. But the reason I brought up that particular ministry is because, now that my staff, my assistant, and others are eating a lot more healthy, it, when they go out to eat, I know they’re gonna bring back something good. So I can say hey, bring me back something. Whereas before it was like, oh, no, you can’t bring me back anything. you know, it’s gonna be death food. But, um, when they see me looking younger than them, they say well, you know, what’s he doing? You know?

Right, right. So, um, so it’s, it’s, so it’s very helpful that there a lot of people around here are basically taking responsibility for what goes in their mouth. They bodies, right. That’s awesome. And how long have you been on the vegan going? I’ve been a vegetarian almost as long as I’ve been on the spiritual path. And I’ve had some falls, I mean, when I travel, I go out the country sometimes, it’d be very difficult.

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