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Whole Pheromones

September 14, 2015

I don't buy the whole sexual pheromones thing making you more productive, I tried no fapping and porn for a long time, and all it did was make me short tempered and lose libido in the long run. But my productivity didn't go up without natural pheromones. Rather, I think people have been lazy or proc…

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First Date With Pheromones

September 7, 2015

How to go on the first date with pheromones? Really you should act like a gentleman, pay for dinner or whatever you're doing out there, hold the door for her, make jokes but not too many.

Be yourself ultimately, be honest about yourself but there's no reason to tell all the put offs about yoursel…

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Sequence of Pheromone Production

September 1, 2015

The relative proportion of the pheromonal components change during the production period. In analyses of the hindguts of numerous beetles, we have recorded a dis- tinct sequence of production from the time the male beetles land on a tree until pher- omone production ceases.

Methylbutenol and cis-…

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Combining Pheromones

August 29, 2015

Pheromones have great value in a number of survey, detection, monitoring and research programs (Hardee 1972). From the standpoint of future usage in control, suppression, and pest management, pheromones has tremendous potential in programs other than traps and trap crops. For example, field observat…

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Pheromones Monitoring

August 28, 2015

As the term implies, two or more control methods are combined in a pest management program. In practice, integrated programs usually develop through modification of the chemical insecti- cide program to favor natural predators of phytophagous mites. However, most orchard insect pests, especially fru…

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Pheromones In The Wild

August 27, 2015

Michael and Keverne (1968) trained rhesus monkey males to press a lever in order to gain access to a female pheromone partner in a free-cage situation. The males frequently worked to obtain access to ovariectomized females who were rendered receptive by injections of estrogen but did not consist…

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How I Deal With Supplements

October 16, 2014

Given how illegitimate the testing is how can the UFC enforce the fines they hand out? Even if it's not something they can sue for, and just a micky mouse fine that he has to pay if he wants to fight in the UFC again, isn't that still illegal for a company to just start pulling fines out of thei…

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Holistic Living With Food

May 11, 2014

Um, diced dressing. And I’ll eat that, um. Dinner, I don’t know. Just, whatever, you know, um, whatever, whatever I eat, I’ll have something raw with it. I’m pretty much about 80% raw, and then, my, um, what I call, what I call, um, going downstairs. My wife and I say, okay, we’re gonna, we’re go…

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