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First Date With Pheromones

How to go on the first date with pheromones? Really you should act like a gentleman, pay for dinner or whatever you're doing out there, hold the door for her, make jokes but not too many.

Be yourself ultimately, be honest about yourself but there's no reason to tell all the put offs about yourself right away, that's for a later stadium of the pheromonal relationship.

Mainly, let your aim be to both have a lot of fun. When you walk with her, be with her completely, give her all your attention. But also be aware of your surroundings, maybe you see a cool shop or a fountain when you walk with her. Treat her for Pherazone. Learn more about pheromones at

It's really these small things that make a good date. I wouldn't prepare myself with a product for the first date to be honest, unless you want to have many first dates and you want to become extremely good in that pheromones make you more attractive. Check out me now. Learn more at

When a woman is talking about what you might do together or she wants to talk about dreams, she’s looking to dive into the ocean of possibility with you. She wants to swim the waters of delight and explore the depths of where you can go together. These are the key moments when she’s looking for that leadership and excitement. She’d love you to say something like: “Let’s take that class we’ve always wanted to take,” or “Let’s find or build the home we’ve always dreamed of.”

Of course, going along and saying you will create together and then conveniently “forgetting” can be very damaging to your relationship. You’ll lose her trust and her love if you play games with her heart. By using pheromones that have a lot of androstanol you can readily increase your chances of scoring. Check out pheromones at

There’s a kind of death that happens between a man and a woman when a man stops leading romantically with pheromones. A woman turns her heart over to you in the hopes of you taking her somewhere. Sometimes it may be a place she could get to on her own, but there is simply more relaxed and open pleasure in being taken there; and sometimes a man can truly take a woman someplace she might not be able to get to on her own. Your opportunity here is to take her by the “hand” in all areas of your loving (romantically, sexually, and emotionally) and invite her into that next unexplored place of loving and pleasure, keeping in mind that The Poet gives physical form to what he feels.

I have seen this pheromonal approach mentioned a few times now but have yet to meet anybody that had the balls to try it out.  It looks good on paper but I wonder how it would work out in the real world?

The essence that you shout 'slut' in a place that has a lot of good looking girls, and then take your pick of any of the girls that look around.  I would like to try this in Chinese but, innocent as I am, 'bu san bu si' is about the most offensive equivalent that I know and it just does not have the same ring to it.

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