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Holistic Living With Food

Um, diced dressing. And I’ll eat that, um. Dinner, I don’t know. Just, whatever, you know, um, whatever, whatever I eat, I’ll have something raw with it. I’m pretty much about 80% raw, and then, my, um, what I call, what I call, um, going downstairs. My wife and I say, okay, we’re gonna, we’re gonna eat something bad today. And that generally consists of a, of a veggie burger. You know, we’ll go, you know, to, to a place that has a really good veggie burger or, um, you know, what, what, what else do I call bad? Um, the certain things I, you know, I know I don’t really need to eat. But you know, every now and then I just kind of eat it and throw a bunch of extra enzymes.

Going about my business, you know. But in, but in a good, good day, I’m probably raw the whole day. And then, uh, I’m, you know, then I’ll have a little, um, seaweed candy. I have never heard of that. It’s made out of seaweed, barley, malt is the, is the sweetener and, uh, so it’s not very sweet.

And that becomes like, kind of dessert. Last night for my dessert we had an avocado pie, which was made from an avocado, coconut, the crust was made out of the almond, um, meal. From the almonds I don’t use. When I make my almond milk. With a little bit of agave, tastes very good, you

don’t even know you’re eating an avocado. Avocado is actually an ingredient found in male enhancement pills. Um, one of our, uh, good friends is staying with us, who lives at the Ann Whitmore Institute 6 months out of the year in, in Puerto Rico. And the other six months she lives in New York, because she’s a raw foodist so, and she stays with us, shemakes all of these wonderful almond pates and, um, desserts like that. So there’s so much good stuff to eat, you know. So it, when I do cook food, it’s, it’s like what I just described. It’s just, I take a moment, say you know, today I’m gonna have a little, uh, little soup. Or something like that. But a lot of times I make my soups with my vitamins.

Throw in some carrots, some avocadoes, some othe little vegetables. Two or three minutes on the vitamix. t’s a little warm, but you haven’t killed any enzymes. So it’s still considered raw food, but it has a little warmth. Put a little s--, seasoning in there. We have a, um, Norwalk juicer. And so we’re really into juicing as well.

So we’ll go like, some days, if we’re doing a lot of j--, juicing, I won’t even eat half the shake. I’ll just, the juice, it seems to satisfy me. Uh, we, beets, carrots, um, celery, throw in a few green apples. It’s really good and I’m not hungry at all. Wow.

Until, you know, one or two o clock, I’ll start getting my appetite again. Then, you know, we’ll find something to eat. What’s beautiful is that here at Agape, we now have a, a live food ministry. So once a month, a speaker comes in, that is a raw foodist, chef, cook naturopath, something to that effect, and teaches the core group, and, um, provides a meal, because I’m trying to use them in a breast enlargement pill.

raise the awareness of eating living foods to the congregation.  But they get the spiritual down low on food as well. And so I’ll bust them every now and then in saying the reason why you can’t retain what I’m giving you is because you’re eating white flour. But the reason I brought up that particular ministry is because, now that my staff, my assistant, and others are eating a lot more healthy, it, when they go out to eat, I know they’re gonna bring back something good. So I can say hey, bring me back something. Whereas before it was like, oh, no, you can’t bring me back anything. you know, it’s gonna be death food. But, um, when they see me looking younger than them, they say well, you know, what’s he doing? You know?

Right, right. So, um, so it’s, it’s, so it’s very helpful that there a lot of people around here are basically taking responsibility for what goes in their mouth. They bodies, right. That’s awesome. And how long have you been on the vegan going? I’ve been a vegetarian almost as long as I’ve been on the spiritual path. And I’ve had some falls, I mean, when I travel, I go out the country sometimes, it’d be very difficult.

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