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How I Deal With Supplements

Given how illegitimate the testing is how can the UFC enforce the fines they hand out? Even if it's not something they can sue for, and just a micky mouse fine that he has to pay if he wants to fight in the UFC again, isn't that still illegal for a company to just start pulling fines out of their ass?

Okay... so Dr. Catlin makes his own hGH test and says to ignore the other one? Sounds to me like he's saying anything not isoform is not legit... so that implies his test is isoform, so that would be a good test to use...For the record, I don't mean to imply Cung Le doped or the UFC's testing is great. It sounds like a mess, and I don't doubt there's all kinds of shady things going on. And for the rest, I really, really, really don't care about OJ Simpson. Unless he comes out for Dream NYE to fight Hong Man Choi.I just tried to listen to last week's MMA Beat.

These clowns spent 1/3 of their one hour show blasting cung le, saying his entire career is tarnished, giggling about it, mocking him, getting euphoric over the idea that most people should and will fail, slobbering over the idea that UFC should really fuck themselves and test every fighter before the fight, so it really proves to the media that no one ever cheats and life is super fair.

I wish they would shut the fuck up about PED's. People want to argue that PED's win fights every time, its so unfair, someone WILL DIE OMGZZ!!2 no one died in Pride, no one has died in UFC, people clearly on roids lost all the time to people that probably weren't on them. just stfu. Imo I’ve been looking for a good diet book that includes detailed information on nutrition and food that are healthy and also help with metabolism. I read a few reviews on Amazon earlier today about the 5:2 diet, Paleo diet, fast diet, and many more. Most of the reviews are mixed and I'm struggling to find one that is informative and works.

My diet needs some work, overall my diet is healthy except I eat more simple carbs than I should (bread especially sourdough with grains, cereal - muesli, peanut butter and honey and plenty white rice almost on a daily basis) and when I'm feeling hungry I usually snack on breads and cereals and the occasional fruit. I'd like to cut down or cut out a lot of the foods mentioned above but I'd also like to change my diet to be healthier and cut down on body fat. 

I thought I'd ask here and get some opinion on what worked for you:
What diet did you follow to be healthier and also lose weight?
Can you recommend a good book that is informative and also includes recipes as a bonus?
What diet did you follow to cut down on body fat and get shredded?
Did you combine weight training, cardio (HIIT?) and diet to achieve results?, did you follow a particular method (P90x, Insanity etc?) if you did, which one did you find to be the most beneficial?


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