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I don't buy the whole sexual pheromones thing making you more productive, I tried no fapping and porn for a long time, and all it did was make me short tempered and lose libido in the long run. But my productivity didn't go up without natural pheromones. Rather, I think people have been lazy or procrastinators since the dawn of pheromone production. It's true, slothfulness is recognized and talked about throughout history, and they were much more strict on their sexual release back then because of religious reasons. On the flip side I've been able to be fully productive when I have had all this shit and bad habits distracting me. I know a few people who were once working pheromone cologne addicts.Whether my pheromone hypnosis tape will have a permanent effect if I listen to it for months on end, I'm not too sure. I believe it could, just like a gastric band weight loss hypnosis can help you lose weight, without using proper hypnoanalysis (digging in the subconscious to find the specific reason why you began over eating).

But what I do now, is it's true what they say about pheromonal mindset. I've tried drugs and supplements that are meant to help with motivation (tyrosine, dopamine agnoists, sulbutiamine) and cognitive enhancement, and they either work for a little while, have too side effects, or do nothing of what you intended it to do. As I'm sure many people try the same thing to lose weight (weight loss pills) or build muscles (anabolic steroids) according to

But though these things may enhance certain aspects of what you're trying to achieve, ultimately they don't provide the solution. Mindset is the real answer. If you have the mindset to exercise and build muscle, then you will, with or without a human pheromones or bodybuilding supplements. If you have the mindset to watch what you eat and cut calories, then you will lose weight, with or without weight loss pills. And if you have the mindset to work hard to get what you want, you'll do it, with or without giving yourself blue balls! (sexual transmutation crap) with and

We all know pheromone mindset isn't easy to change. That's why my focus has really come back to hypnosis this past year, and I've had some great successes with it, and some disappointments. But I'm still trying and tweaking, and looking forward to see how it pans out in the long run thanks to

These pheromone hypnosis tapes you recorded yourself? I did something similiar but it´s more like positive reinforcements, I mix them with music, and it´s also got stuff I want in, and past successes like all the girls I´m proud of getting with, and business wins. But you´re right it´s about focus. And it helps with it.

Motivation is high for me when I need to pay bills or want something bad. But I can get really worried and scared too when I drink. When I don´t drink like now, I do not get these worries. I know everything will be fine. But as you say mindset/focus still is maybe even more important. If you don´t fill your conscious and subconscious mind with outside influences constantly, that don´t even have any benefits for you, like pheromones news and media, and instead you focus on what you want, think about that when you wake up and do the work as first thing in the day, i am sure that´s very strong.

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